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Stearns is out Ted is in.
Stearns is singing a different tune. 
It was my party and I'll cry if I want to, Yes Folks, it is Official!  Stearns is heading down the dusty trail after 24 years of building up our national debt.
We have had enough ! 
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Ted Yoho Republican Candidate for US Congress
District 6 Florida

Central Florida Media Leader comes out for popular U S Congressional Candidate Ted Yoho.  Fiscal Conservatives back Ted Yoho for US Congress.  Joel Wiessner  brings substantial political and media backing to the Ted Yoho for Congress effort to unseat long time Washington DC insider Cliff Stearns.  
Heard on the Street:  
Stearns receives Strong Star Banner Democrat Support for Earmarks Building National Debt
The long time favorite son of New York Times publications The Ocala Star Banner and Gainesville Sun, Stearns liberal supporters are jumping ship as they see the "ship sinking".    Cliff and Joan Stearns teamed up to create the liberal "Heart of Florida" conduit of federal deficit funding to Democrat Alachua and Gainesville interest, funneling millions in earmark dollars to the "Berkley of the East" liberals of Alachua County fame.  There is a place for democrat liberal interest but it is no longer supported in the District 6 Republican Primary.






Just In:  Ted Yoho wins his Congressional Campaign.  By the looks of the voters crowding in to the special event, Ted Yoho will be our new Congressman representing Florida District 3.  It's about time, we have had enough of Cliffie.  From the first voter fund raiser celebration to the victory celebration.
Apparently, Cliff Stearn is about to retire.  After over 20 years we need someone who will actually represent us in Washington DC.  Stearns is working on having his Congressional Office sign in log become public.  Sounds like his first day in office!  Stearns has become a multi-millionaire over the past 20 years while the country heads toward bankruptcy.  It is official, Cliff Stearns is out, the voters have selected Ted Yoho.

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